Elizabeth Warren: ‘With Booker out, I’m the last minority in the race’

Democrat Cory Booker dropped out of the presidential race Monday, ending a campaign whose message of “being the black guy” failed to resonate in a Democratic party that’s clearly racist.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has stated, “With Booker out, I’m the last minority in the race.”

Warren, who has grabbed headlines for promising trillions of dollars in other people’s money to minorities in order to buy their votes, is ecstatic to be alone in the race against white people.

“Democrats have kicked out the Latinos Beto and Castro, the Wakandan-American Kamala Harris, and now Cory Booker. It’s clear that if we don’t nominate Warren, we are more racist than Trump fans,” Democratic National Chairman Tom Perez said on condition of anonymity.

Everyone in the country has forgotten that Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick, who claims to be African American is still running.

“I’m still running, guys!” Patrick said. “And I’m black!”