Experts say global warming will finally match margin of error in 178 years

The Earth’s temperatures continue to skyrocket upwards, say 102% of global climate experts.

“It’s getting hot in here!” NOAA scientist Nelly Wonelly said. “And the solution isn’t to take off all your clothes.”

This year, the average temperature notched another .01 degrees Celsius, making it a total of .87 degrees since they started calculating in the 1800s.

At this alarming rate, the Earth’s global warming will match the margin of error in 178 years.

Global warming deniers constantly claim that the increase in temperature is consistently about a hundredth of the margin of error, making the findings seem unreliable or insignificant. “Those deniers are going to be eating their words in 178 years!” Wonelly said.

“Of course, it will be too late by then to do anything. The entire Earth will be a molten lava death trap in the next few years (give or take a few hundred degrees),” Wonelly added.



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