Thousands of migrants demand ‘human rights’ by bashing people and destroying others’ property

The migrant caravan seeking asylum and ‘human rights’ has reached the US border and started bashing border patrol agents and destroying the border wall.

“Human rights means the right to life and safety from harm and also being able to make a living and keep the fruits of your labor,” Enrico Alejandro, a member of the migrant caravan said. “And we’re going to beat up the people who disagree.”

When asked if those human rights apply to the border patrol agents, Alejandro replied, “Well no, because Hitler.”

Another protestor was seen screaming for human rights right before throwing a Molotov cocktail at US border patrol agents.

“We just want our human rights,” Alejandro, who is from Honduras said, “and the only people who can give us these rights are Americans. They are stockpiling rights on the other side of the border and not letting anyone else in the world have them.”

“Human rights are for everyone—but more for us,” he added.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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