FBI Shuts Down Investigation Of Eric Adams’s Finances After He Writes ‘Loan Repayment’ On All Checks

NEW YORK—In a shocking turn of events that has left financial investigators baffled, the FBI has abruptly suspended its probe into New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s questionable finances. The twist? It all started when Adams took a page from President Biden’s playbook, literally.

Adams, who has been under scrutiny for a series of eyebrow-raising financial transactions, appears to have devised a cunning strategy. He simply began writing “Loan Repayment” on every single check, just as President Biden does with his own finances. It’s a miraculous coincidence that somehow, the FBI found itself in the exact same situation it did with the President.

“This is like déjà vu,” remarked Special Agent Carrie Mathis, who had been leading the investigation. “We had barely begun to uncover the mysteries of Adams’s financial dealings when he made this ingenious move. It’s a carbon copy of the Biden approach. We’re baffled.”

Indeed, when financial investigators started looking into Adams’s finances, they encountered a maze of questionable payments, exotic investment choices, and an excessive amount of cold hard cash. But once “Loan Repayment” appeared on the scene, their hands were tied.

The city’s residents are divided over this revelation. Some applaud Adams’s shrewd financial skills, while others are skeptical about the uncanny resemblance to President Biden’s financial practices.

“You’ve got to give it to them for creativity,” said local businessman Carl Johnson. “They’ve found the ultimate ‘get out of jail free’ card, just like in Monopoly.”

As investigators lick their wounds and ponder their next steps, the public can only wonder what other tricks politicians have up their sleeves when it comes to managing their finances. It seems that the art of “Loan Repayment” is alive and well, thanks to the teachings of those at the top.

So the next time you’re faced with a challenging financial inquiry, just remember: “Loan Repayment” might be the magic words you need.


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