‘Fetuses are parasites,’ says 34-year-old living in parents’ basement

The unemployed Herman Schock, who currently resides in the basement of his parents’ house in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, has changed the entire argument over abortion.

He has written a incredibly insightful Reddit post asserting that fetuses are parasites and thus no rights especially no right to live. He posted this late Friday night on the laptop given to him by his parents to help him get a job.

“Fetuses are totally just parasites living off their mother. They just leech off their parent and don’t provide anything of benefit to her. As such, fetuses don’t have rights,” he wrote after taking a bite of the leftover pizza his mom paid for.

Schock’s post has received over 666 thousand up votes and many reposts on the social networking site.

“If you can’t do anything for yourself, you can’t expect to have rights that older people have,” Schock continued before his mom told him that he had to turn his music down.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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