Genesius Times surpasses CNN as most reliable source of fake news in US

Genesius Times, the satire site with journalistic integrity, has surpassed CNN as the most reliable source of fake news in the US according to a Pew report.

Thirty-one percent of respondents now get their fake news from Genesius Times, leaving CNN with just 29 percent. Other fake news sites such as CBS, MSNBC, and ABC round out the top five.

“This is a big moment for fake news,” Genesius Times Editor In Chief Rupert Mattlock said in a press conference. “People are finally starting to take their fake news seriously and that means ditching overpriced hacks with no journalistic integrity like CNN.”

Genesius Times has claimed that they are “the most reliable source of fake news on the planet. Period,” but now the polls are starting to prove that slogan right.

“I want my fake news straight, with no bias,” said one respondent. “CNN just loads their fake news with political mumbo-jumbo and sensationalist commentary. I’ll be getting my fake news from GT from now on.”


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