Governor who okayed partial birth abortion named DNC moral authority on saving lives

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who last year signed a bill legalizing partial birth abortions and infanticide, will do anything to save lives from coronavirus.

“We are going to fight every way we can to save every life,” Cuomo said. “Except from abortion. If you want to kill your child, then we’re all for it!”

Cuomo said they will spend all the money necessary to save lives but that they won’t put any money toward saving the lives of preborn babies.

There over 100,000 abortions in New York state every year. There have been 366 deaths attributed to coronavirus.

Cuomo said the state may now need up to 140,000 beds to care for coronavirus. The state may turn to college dormitories to provide beds, Cuomo said.

“It is a war,” said the suddenly foremost expert on human dignity. “Act like it’s a war.”

“We’re not willing to sacrifice your grandmother or his grandmother,” Cuomo said. “That’s not who we are. But you grandchild, absolutely. We’re going to sacrifice the hell out of her!”


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