I’d rather have a massive nuclear holocaust under Biden than world peace under Trump

It has been scientifically proven that a massive nuclear holocaust under the best president ever, President Biden, would be better than world peace under the Orange Man.

Just think about it. Even though millions of people would die and everyone else would be radioactive, we won’t have to suffer through mean tweets all the time.

You might argue that at least we wouldn’t be dead. But that’s just Putin talking. We should all be dead if it means Trump is in power.

People who can justify another Trump presidency because Biden is plunging us into World War III are idiots. They clearly don’t have the academic credentials that I have. I have three (3) doctorates. Read that again. I am really smart and I have the debt to prove it. (By the way, if you can buy me a coffee, I would really appreciate it because I can’t find a job and Genesius TImes only pays me $500 an article. I cannot buy all the ice cream I eat with that kind of money).

So, back to my original point: WWIII with Biden > Peace with Trump.

What people don’t really understand is that war under Biden is actually peace and peace under Trump is actually war. As the great black man Abraham Lincoln once said, “War is Peace.” And I for one would rather be at peace than war because Lincoln freed the slaves.

This is science you bigots.

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Originally published October 23, 2023.


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