In Honor Of Black History Month U.S. Treasury Offers Limited Edition Commemorative Fake $20 Bill

In a groundbreaking move to celebrate Black History Month, the U.S. Treasury has announced the release of a limited edition commemorative fake $20 bill, featuring none other than Harriet Tubman with shades on and a blinged-out Underground Railroad.

Treasury officials claim that this bold initiative is aimed at recognizing the struggles and achievements of African Americans throughout history while injecting a touch of humor and creativity into the often-stoic world of currency design.

Secretary of the Treasury, Ben Coinman, proudly presented the new bill at a press conference, exclaiming, “We wanted to bring a bit of pizzazz to the commemorative currency game. Harriet Tubman is an American hero, and what better way to honor her legacy than with a bill that’s as fake as the notion that Ben Franklin had any rhythm?”

The limited edition bills, adorned with holographic effects and Tubman throwing up peace signs, will not be legal tender but are expected to become collectors’ items. Each bill comes with a small disclaimer stating, “No, you can’t buy anything with this. Seriously, it’s fake.”

Social media exploded with reactions, with users praising the Treasury for its lighthearted approach to recognizing Black history. Memes featuring Tubman’s face superimposed onto modern-day scenarios flooded the internet, with captions like “When you find out the Underground Railroad had Wi-Fi” and “Harriet the Hipster making history cool.”

However, critics argue that the move undermines the solemnity of the occasion. Activist groups released statements, saying, “We appreciate the effort to celebrate Black History Month, but maybe a scholarship fund or community initiatives would have been a more impactful gesture than fake money.”

Despite the mixed reviews, the limited edition fake bills are set to hit the market, with collectors and history buffs alike eagerly anticipating the chance to own a piece of commemorative currency that’s as authentic as a three-dollar bill – or in this case, a fake $20.


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