Irony of using rainbows for fairy tale cause not lost on local leprechaun

As pride month gets kicked off, a type of folk holiday for all the woke Americans to virtue signal towards our newly ordained corporate overlords, a local leprechaun laughs at the irony.

Bleary O’Blake, a character well acquainted with the legions of myth that surround his kind, chuckles at the awkward connection between what rainbows represent in those stories and their contemporary marketing use to normalize “gay marriage.”

“You guys really pick a symbol which parents tell children will lead to pots o’ gold as your rallying cry for a benefit that was made up like ten years ago? I mean C’mon! Next on the ballot, Leprechaun rights! Hahaha”

Editor’s note: Don’t shoot the messenger. I think this fully fictional character from folklore is a bigoted white supremacist, and I would never endorse his views.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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