Dems who haven’t met a tax they didn’t love now worried about tariffs

For all of modern history, Democrats have had one consistent trait: they haven’t really cared if the government makes things cost more. Through regulation, taxation, and subsidization, Democratic policy has driven prices up for industries across the board.

Now, ever since President Trump has introduced his version of government inflation—tariffs—Democrats are vehemently opposed to it.

“When you place a tariff on a country’s goods, the American people end up paying for it and that’s just unacceptable!” jackass spokesman Lester Trite said. “Social security tax is fine though.”

Democrats have endorsed income taxes, sales taxes, social security taxes, corporate taxes, death taxes, and now cow fart taxes, but they draw the line at import taxes.

“It’s economic suicide,” Trite said as he lit a $100 Treasury Bond on fire.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are leading the charge against the tariffs.

“We should tax our population into oblivion,” Schumer said, “but when the president initiates tariffs, it’s going to be fiscal Armageddon.”


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