STUDY: People who share this study are generally more intelligent and attractive

A new study conducted by the Research Institute of Cambridge has found that people who share the study (or articles about the study) are generally more intelligent and more physically attractive.

On average, people who shared the study were at least 14 IQ points more intelligent than those who didn’t share it and they were much more likely to be rated as attractive by unaffiliated judges of the opposite sex.

The study was published in the New England Journal of Placebo and has been cited several hundred times already.

“It just goes to show that confirmation bias is real and that is effective in marketing and social media,” said Bernard Minder who led the study.

“When I see people who shared this study, I can definitely see who we came to this result. They are gorgeous and just really smart. I instantly have a lot of respect for them.”

Some have claimed that dumb people wearing glasses will make them seem more intelligent, but this research says simply sharing this research is much more effective.


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