Kamala Harris to host ‘Empowering Women’ talk with Bill Clinton on Epstein Island

WASHINGTON, DC—President Vice President Kamala Harris received backlash after promoting an ‘Empowering Women’ talk with former president and accused rapist Bill Clinton. She has decided it was bad optics so she’s moving the talk to Epstein Island.

Harris, a staunch supporter of the #MeToo movement against sexual abuse and harassment, said that Epstein represented true women’s empowerment.

“This week, global leaders will explore topics on disease recovery, massage techniques, and empowering women and girls in the U.S. and around the world to run away from their homes and become sex slaves to global elites,” the Clinton Foundation advertised.

Clinton will go head-to-head with Harris while receiving a nude massage by several underage girls in one of the island’s swankest parlors.

The island has been looking for tenants since it was purchased by wealthy Middle Eastern businessman Haadid Nahkil Muhssef.

“If we can’t celebrate underage women being taken advantage of by wealthy globalists, we’re not talking about empowering women,” Harris said.

The discussion will also include a live Zoom interview with empowered woman Ghislaine Maxwell from her New York prison cell.


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