Local dad finally gets a rest after exhausting week of turning off the lights for everyone else

Local father of five adorable munchkins, Peter Bougereaux was finally able to rest on the couch this evening after an exhausting week of running around the house turning off the lights for everyone else.

“I swear, I must turn off lights a thousands times. I think the rest of my family intentionally go into rooms just to turn lights off and give me another switch to hit. I think I’m going to have carpel tunnel syndrome from turning off so many lights,” Bougereaux said.

The happy family had just sat down for a movie when the patriarch had finally caught up with all the lights that were on in every square inch of the house.

“Attic lights, bathroom lights, and lights I didn’t even know we had. Somehow, they’re all on constantly despite my best efforts,” Bougereaux said.

“I’m glad we’re getting those stimulus checks for the kids because I’m paying at least that much in electricity for lighting rooms that no one is in,” Bougereaux added. “What is this Las Vegas??”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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