Local feminist’s beliefs so pure, she hopes one day all women are eliminated by sex-selective abortions

This is a true feminist. I sat down with Lorry Drew and asked her tough questions about her brand of feminism, and let me tell you the next generation or two of feminists before all women are wiped from the planet via sex-selective abortions will really have a legacy to contend with.

EO: Lorry, tell me what brought you in to the feminist fold?
LD: Misanthropy to start, well still misanthropy if I am going to be honest.
EO: How does your specific hatred of human kind manifest in your feminist thought?
LD: Are you kidding? Feminism is the perfect tent for people who hate humanity! We advocate for killing anyone for any reason before they are born. We gaslight men for any reason we can find, and we hate our own gender so much that we fight any legislation which seeks to outlaw sex selective abortions.
EO: Tell me more about that because study after study suggests females are the overwhelming victim in gender related abortions.
LD: It’s simple enough, if you truly hate men then you must take away what they love. They love women first and foremost so you find ways to eliminate the female population. One day, lol, it will just a big ole game of lord of the flies for these sad sacks because our feminism will be so pure that we eliminate all the women.
EO: And then you will finally see progress?
LD: Exactly!

Now that’s some ideologically pure feminism. Beware patriarchy!


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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