Local man who’s never given a dollar to charity mad Jeff Bezos only donated $98.5 million to homeless

A local man who has never donated to any charity is infuriated that Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos didn’t give more when he recently announced he has donated $98.5 million to 32 organizations in 23 states that are helping homeless families.

“I can’t believe that the world’s wealthiest person in the world only gave $98.5 million dollars to homeless people,” Ebenezer Libby said. “Like, if you made $50,000 a year, that would be like giving $45 to charity.”

When asked if he’s ever given $45 to charity, he responded, “Well, no, I’m not the world’s wealthiest man. I would totally donate more but I need all my money to go to important things like my fedora and scarf collection.”

Last year Bezos gave $97.5 million to organizations fighting homelessness to 24 organizations in 16 states. This year Bezos donated an extra million to the cause and increased the number of recipients, which span from Maryland and New York to Alaska and Hawaii.

Libby did not give any money to any charities last year either.

Another critic was flabbergasted.

“What a cruel, insensitive, disgusting person Bezos is to not give more to charities,” Millie Barnes said as she stepped her Bottega Veneta stretch pumps over a dirty homeless person while walking into Starbucks.


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