Local Republican eagerly awaiting Trump’s opinion to determine his own opinion

HARTFORD, CT- Too busy with the holidays to keep up with the news, Republican voter Gregory McTater is patiently waiting for President Donald Trump to act on the relief bill so he will know his own opinion on the subject.

Gregory is the neighbor of fellow interviewee democrat Daniel McGravy,

He conceded not reading the bill but is confident that it is either the best thing ever or the worst thing ever but he won’t know for a few days until it reaches the White House.

“Is $2,000 to each citizen the right thing to do? I won’t know until Donald Trump decides,” McTater told reporters. “Whatever GEOTUS does will be the decision I’ve supported since day one.”

The self-proclaimed ‘Q junkie’ was eager to share his expertise on all things political, including fiscal conservatism.

“People are losing everything. Now is not the time for reckless spending,” McTater told reporters, who pointed out most Republican Senators approved of the multi-trillion dollar bill.

“In that case, putting our grandchildren into debt is a sacrifice we need right now.”


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