Miss Russia leads Ukrainian prisoners of war in festive parade to concentration camp

DONETSK, UKRAINE—In one of the few festive occasions of war, Miss Russia Helga Lavrov marched Ukrainian POW’s through Donetsk, Ukraine to their concentration camp today.

With the crowd cheering on, the honorary parade queen, flashing a beautiful Russian babe smile, waived to the crowd as she shouted obscenities at the prisoners.

Lavrov told our GT reporter she wasn’t chosen just because of her great, Russian looks, “It was a very stiff competition but what, I think, put me over the top was my 37 sniper kills. I am a very good shot, especially over 500 meters. Also, maybe my brother is a Major here at the concentration camp. That could be possible.”

Well, Helga sure has our vote over here at GT. She’s a killer! When asked what was in her future if she survives the war, she said she would like to get into modeling, especially for eco-friendly products and would like to meet Elon Musk.

“Good luck with that, Helga!”


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