Muslim congresswoman demands US become more like the country where she couldn’t make demands

Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is taking Congress by storm, demanding that the United States become more like the country where she couldn’t make demands.

“I believe that Americans need to change to be more like countries where it wouldn’t matter what I believe,” she said in a press conference.

Omar wears a hijab in adherence to sharia law, which some have questioned with regard to women’s rights.

“We need to use our rights as women to transform our country into one that diminishes women’s rights.”

Omar has recently called the holding of illegal immigrants in a fenced-in parking lot inhumane but refuses to call the stoning of gays inhumane.

Rep. Omar was born in Somalia, which is predominantly Muslim and has one of the worst records on women’s rights in the world.

“Women of this country really need to support a system which enables domestic abuse, rape, and stoning of women, you know because of diversity!” a supporter of Omar’s said.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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