Russians completely undermine US democracy with $974 of Facebook ads

While the charges of collusion between President Trump and Russia appear to be unwarranted, there is massive evidence that Russia did interfere with the 2016 election and continues to undermine the democratic process in the United States.

Several Russian hackers and bots have infiltrated the most sophisticated social media technologies including Facebook and Twitter, not necessarily to get Trump elected, but to cause discord.

They have succeeded in an unprecedented manner and within three years have nearly collapsed the entire socio-economic system in the US all for under a thousand dollars US.

“One Russian hacker Facebook ad promoted Hillary; the other Trump, but the common thread was to get Americans to go absolutely nuts fighting each other,” Franz Kafka of the Russo-American Institute said. “And they did it for a couple hundred dollars.”

Russian State Department Analyst Dimitri Checkov says that it has been fun to watch Americans lose their shirt over absolutely meaningless things. “One of the things we attempted to do was to get you idiots to go bananas over trivial things. ‘Trump has small hands,’ ‘Trump has orange skin,’ ‘Trump eats steak wrong.’ I started that steak thing for $1.43!”

“It’s just sad that Americans’ sanity can be bought for such a cheap price,” Kafka added.

Hackers have also been blamed for filling the Democratic primary with utterly despicable people.


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