New HR1 bill simplifies all future voting by making Meghan Markle Queen of the United States

WASHINGTON, DC—HR1, the bill before the United States Congress that takes away the state’s rights in regards to administering votes, has started to get some criticism that can’t be censored. The Venezuelan Banana Republic Dominion Voting System is also losing trust and a few states are refusing to obey the edicts from Washington DC on several issues. A confused and worried Joe Biden was lost on what to do when a solution presented itself on TV.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex is now residing in the former British now Chinese colony known as the United States of America. With years of precedent in terms of monarchy rule, Biden decided that the best thing to do is turn over all government decisions to the former Hallmark star actress.

Markle has several aspects that make her qualified to rule the United States of America as Queen.

She is capable of saying complete sentences, unlike our current United States president. Markle also looks nice on TV, which according to the US media is far more important than past experience. Markle also has lots of fame and fortune which would allow her to buy almost any election should for some reason, those We The People folks demand it.

Of course, it’s hoped by the current Soros handlers that now run the USA that Markle will be able to disarm the Basket of Deplorables the same way she disarmed Prince Harry.


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