New White House cat bears strong resemblance to missing cat from Pennsylvania

Willow Glen farmer Andy “Buck’ Clydebrook shook his head when told that his cat, Willow, missing for a while, looked a whole lot like the new cat now roaming the White House as of lately.

He took a minute from posting his missing cat notices to talk to us.

“That’s really strange,” He told us, “cause it just so happens a while back when the first lady, can’t recall, she’s a fake doctor or somethin’, anyways, little Willow jumped up on the speakin’ stage where that ole lady was and I thought she was gonna scratch her leg off but, well, anyways, I’m puttin’ up these here notices to see if anyone knows anything.

“I’m offering forty dollars fer her, so anyways, that’s it.”

When we told Farmer Andy, the White House cat’s name was also Willow he responded.

“Okay, ya got me there cause, I mean, what are the odds, okay, now I’m gonna have to write a letter to my brother Eustace, he lives in Baltimore, and have him drive on over to see about all this.”

We wish Farmer Andy well.


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