Notre Dame changes mascot to Fighting Right-Wing Extremists following Dublin riots

SOUTH BEND, IN—In an unexpected turn of events that left the university community bewildered and perhaps a tad nervous, University of Notre Dame has decided to shed its traditional Fighting Irish mascot and embrace a new symbol of chaos – the Fighting Right-Wing Extremists.

The decision comes hot on the heels of the recent Dublin riots, where the university’s famed Fighting Irish leprechaun was reportedly seen ducking for cover amid the chaos. In a press release that sounded like the punchline of an absurdist joke, Notre Dame officials announced the mascot makeover with a certain audacity that could only be described as, well, fighting.

“We believe in adapting to the times, and what better way to reflect the spirit of the modern world than by introducing the Fighting Right-Wing Extremists as our new mascot?” declared the university president, attempting to maintain a poker face despite the incredulous stares of the assembled reporters.

The new mascot, a bearded caricature adorned in camouflage gear and holding a flag that oscillates between patriotic and confusing, will lead the university’s athletic teams into battle, or at least onto the football field. The change, according to university insiders, is an effort to mirror the tumultuous landscape of contemporary discourse.

Critics argue that adopting a mascot associated with political extremism might be a bit like playing with dynamite, especially in a college setting. Some have questioned whether the move was meant to be satirical or if the university’s marketing team had just finished watching a dystopian film marathon.

Notre Dame officials, however, remain resolute in their decision, claiming that the Fighting Right-Wing Extremists represent a bold departure from traditional mascots. “We want our athletes to embody the unpredictable spirit of our times. Plus, it’s a real conversation starter,” said the university’s spokesperson with an unshakable deadpan.

As the Fighting Right-Wing Extremists gear up to make their debut, the sports world waits with bated breath to see how the new mascot will navigate halftime shows, mascot brawls, and potentially heated encounters with rival teams. In the realm of collegiate symbolism, it seems Notre Dame is ready to throw a curveball – or perhaps, a political hand grenade.


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