Joe Biden thinks African Americans should be able to shop on more than just ‘Black Friday’

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden is appalled that stores still have “Black Friday,” nearly 60 years after the Civil Rights movement.

“You’re telling me this is the only day that blacks can shop at these stores?” Biden said in response to hearing about the massive fighting and trampling that occurred during the 2019 pseudo national holiday. “That’s appalling. I would at least let them shop on some Tuesdays also.”

Black Friday is the heavily promoted shopping day in which many stores make it “into the black” meaning they start making money for the year. It has nothing to do with race.

“This is pure racism! It needs to stop! This is 2019!” Biden added. “I just can’t believe that such institutionalized racism exists anymore. If I’m elected president, I will end the racist holiday forever.”

Biden is currently investigating the Civil Rights Act to determine how illegal allowing people to only shop on one day is.