Nurses across US preparing for long COVID Delta variant Tik Tok battles

US—Nurses across the country are preparing for the inevitable long battle against the COVID Delta variant but stretching and stretching, practicing their pretty sweet dance moves, and warming up their thicc asses.

“We all know that it’s going to be a long, grueling season of twerking, and choreographed dance routines and we need to be prepared,” Charge Nurse of Boston Memorial Vanessa B. Williams said.

The nurses will not only have to outperform themselves from last year, but will also have the Olympics to compete with.

“We want that virality and we’re willing to go the whole nine yards to get it,” Williams said.

Nurse super heroes gained fame last year during the horrific COVID surge by posting excellently choreographed dance routines on Tik Tok.

Nurses require a sufficient amount of PPE too.

“We can’t perform those really special dances without PPE. So please, Biden if you hear me, please send us those props so we can get through this difficult time!” Williams added.


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