NY Mayor to Texas Gov: ‘How dare you send illegals to my city that openly welcomes them!’

NEW YORK—Mayor Eric Adams blasted Texas Governor Greg Abbott for bussing illegal immigrants to New York, which openly welcomes them.

“How dare you send illegals to my city that openly welcomes them!” Adams said in a press conference following the incident.

Adams called Abbott and Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey “cowards” for turning away refugees before abruptly turning away the busload of immigrants.

“Let me be clear. We openly welcome all refugees and undocumented immigrants to our country,” Adams said, “but we don’t really want them here in our city. That’s just asinine!”

Many people believed that the plan would be a win-win. It seems that the immigrants didn’t want to stay where they came from and everyone in New York welcomes them.

“We don’t want all the undocumented immigrants to flood our city. That would be an invasion,” Adams continued. “We want the undocumented immigrants to stay in Texas.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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