OPED: How dare Trump spend Defense money on defending the country!

It is a national disgrace that President Trump stolen money from the Defense budget to actually defending the country.

Even people who would spend other people’s money on studies on the effects of cocaine on the sex life of lesbian gerbils, Nancy Pelosi. She even said, “Who does he think he is to take vital money from important unconstitutional wars to doing something that protects America?”

Will the logical terror of this presidency ever end?

ORANGE MAN BAD! When will you people understand this?

Let’s lay it out for you simpletons: Defense money should be spent on

A) Unconstitutional foreign interventions
B) Advertising at NFL games
C) Multicultural propaganda

That’s it! If you somehow feel that you’re wiser than the neocons in charge, then you can go and start your own country with your beloved Constitution. I’m sure that will last exactly 3 days.

Good luck with that fascist.

No, we must stop defending our country and allow everyone in to take advantage of our welfare system. That’s the only sustainable thing for the world.


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