Opinion: Canadian Truckers are literal Fascists, but these Neo-Nazis are not

Here we go again! Right-wingers the world over think they are dunking on the libs. You see, America’s CON-servatives kindly pointed out the striking image of Neo-Nazi’s training Ukrainian grandmothers to defend their home.

These Russian stooges on the right think we should leave the literal devil incarnate, Vlad the Impaler Putin, alone while spending our time and energy on domestic issues. Jokes on them though! CON-servatives hate democracy so of course they hate Ukraine.

Ok. I’m done with my breathless ranting about those no good, trump lovin’, domestic terrorist endorsing, racist, gun-toting, hillbilly, ingrates on the right. Let me now explain to you why Canadian Truckers are fascist and gun-toting neo-Nazis are not.

It’s really simple you see, the neo-Nazis are on the right side of history on saving democracy from the Russians. And the Canadian truckers are on the wrong side of history because they are exercising their democratic imperatives in a way that I don’t like. Therefore the truckers are fascists and the neo-Nazis are not. end of story.


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