OPINION: Trump’s National Emergency is horrifying abuse of power; Obama’s 13 were fine

When President Obama declared a National Emergency thirteen separate times to aid the people of Lybia, Yemen, Ukraine, Burundi, Somalia, Venezuela, and South Sudan, it was completely constitutional and good for this country because when you help people by drone bombing them, they will thank us.

President Obama was so great, everything he did was great, but especially his National Emergencies were great because they helped America by helping other countries.

Now, we have an orange-faced loser making National Emergencies and it’s a horrifying abuse of power.

I mean, how dare he even contemplate using a National Emergency for something as trivial as border security to protect national sovereignty? Who does he think he is trying to “protect America”? It’s not the job of the President of the United States to protect the country. He’s supposed to make people in other countries feel good about themselves, like that dreamboat Justin Trudeau.

And a National Emergency? It’s almost as if Trump thinks National Emergency applies to the United States instead of the Ukraine or Yemen.

What is he thinking?

I want my government to spend money on scientific studies to see whether rats have more sex on cocaine in Thailand, not on a border wall to stop illegal immigration.



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