Prosecutors charge white lightning with hate crime after it destroyed George Floyd mural

TOLEDO, OH—Prosecutors have charged the natural phenomenon of lightning with a hate crime after it struck and destroyed a George Floyd mural painted on the side of a brick building July 13, 2021.

Witnesses told Toledo Police that the artwork was struck by two bolts of white lightning which were wearing MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats.

“Genesius Times Doppler Radar did show a lightning strike in that block at about 4.30pm on Tuesday, ” the our reporter confirmed. “But the radar didn’t pick up the MAGA hats.

ABC said that cops were seen outside the Summit and Lagrange building – formerly the Mugshots Bar.

They have cordoned off the site – part of which is now a pile of bricks.

A City of Toledo building inspector has confirmed the premises are structurally sound. Saying otherwise would likely result in another hate crime.

White lightning has a history of demonstrating racist behavior:


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