REPORT: Iran drops to 2nd in places that hate America behind #1 Portland, Oregon

Video uploaded to Twitter shows Iranian students attending Tehran’s Behesti University carefully walking around the United States and Israeli flags after they were painted on the pavement.

This small but important event reflects a broader change in attitude in the country and officially puts it below Portland, Oregon as the place that hates America most.

“This year’s report shows that Iran, who have held the number one position in places that hate America for several decades, have lost their grip on the top position,” report author Vin Deesell said. “Portland have stormed to the lead on the backs of America-hating Antifa.”

Portland residents celebrated the news by burning several thousand American flags and copies of the US constitution.

President Trump is in negotiations with China to trade Portland for Hong Kong, which is at the bottom of the list of places that hate America.

Rounding out the top five were Cuba, Afghanistan, and Washington DC.


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