Scientists baffled as to why straight men prefer biological women over trans-women

Scientists at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Psychiatric Clinic are baffled as to why straight men prefer biological women over trans-women. Poll after poll and study after study show that men simply like women with XX sex chromosomes.

“It’s a complete mystery,” Dr. Sonny Dipchit of the Clinic said. “When biological males come out as identifying as women, they are women for all intents and purposes, so it just doesn’t make sense that straight men don’t want to date them.”

The trans community has taken this as more hatred despite an overwhelmingly supportive community at large.

“This is just bigotry, plain and simple,” Kat Limpy, a trans activist said. “Men need to step up and date me or else they’re not real men!”

Super woke feminist presidential candidate Eric Swalwell agreed, saying, “Real men date trans-women.” Swalwell himself is transitioning to be a black woman before the 2020 election so that he can earn some intersectional street cred.

One theory is that straight men, by and large, prefer women who don’t have and who never have had a penis but this theory has been completely debunked.


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