After visit to city, libertarian gets PTSD from ‘so many roads’

It was a quick visit to Dallas for a local libertarian in our fine community that started the nightmare which ended in months of counseling. Tyler Austin, the libertarian of whom we speak, made a quick getaway to the city that never sleeps.

“I just didn’t realize there could be that many roads in one city. I mean roads stacked on top of roads, some hundreds of feet in the air, and others seemingly disappearing underground. They were everywhere.”

His experience landed him in six months of therapy. The sight of so many roads everywhere landed Mr. Austin with a bought of PTSD. That is, for the medically ignorant, post traumatic stress disorder and it is what people get when they are—what the kids call—triggered.

Historically, libertarians have been scared of roads. It is called roadaphobia’ and it spreads like a contagion. The first step of the disease usually manifests after young men read Ron Paul, and then they go down the rabbit hole of anarcho-capitalism. After that, they enter various roadaphobia groups on the World Wide Web, and then any sight of a lot of roads in a small space just sets off the PTSD.

Hopefully Tyler Austin will recover.


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