Seattle bullies knock down little kids’ fort, take all their soy milk

SEATTLE—Several little kids went home crying to their mommies after some neighborhood bullies knocked down their little fort in the middle of the street.

“Waaaah!” one little kid named Raz said. “They didn’t even read our signs that said, ‘autonomous zone’ and ‘stay out’! I can’t believe they just knocked our fort down!”

Parents of everyone involved just shook their heads and tried to comfort the crying babies with Hot Pockets and soy milk bottles.

The kids had been working on their little fort in the middle of the Seattle street for weeks and the bullies either didn’t mind or were too busy to pay any attention to it.

The fort was called CHAZ or CHOP and had all sorts of things that would make any parent proud including cave paintings and a play garden.

But the bullies struck back in full force today, though, and completely knocked down the fort.

“We will be back and build an even better fort,” Raz said. “The CHAZ will rise again!”


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