Senate Democrats prepare SCOTUS nominee Amy Barrett for questioning

Democratic senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee have chucked their white suits and dresses for more appropriate attire, wearing Roman centurion costumes while they question SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Minority Committee Chair, Senator Diane Feinstein, herself of the Jewish faith, says fighting Trump’s nominee on religious ground is nothing personal. She was overheard saying, “Christians, we don’t need no stinkin’ Christians.”

Another Democratic committee member, VP hopeful Kamala Harris voiced her concerns. “It has been reported in the Democrat, I mean the mainstream media, that Mrs. Barrett, whom we know is involved in the Catholic church, may have taught Sunday School classes in blackface. They used to do this thing to criminals called crucifixion. I think it would be fitting punishment for Barrett.”

The Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono did confirm that her niece has a friend who’s sister knows one of Ms. Barrett’s kids and they said both of her daughters had bat wings and could very well infect Americans with Coneyvid.

Senator Blumenthal from Connecticut quoted. “The only reason Trump nominated her is because she is really hot, okay. Hey, that’s not just me talkin’, it’s common watercooler knowledge, she’s like a nine, maybe nine and a half. Okay, like no one is a ten… that’s watercooler 101.”


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