Smartphone user thrilled by mobile site’s thirty-seven pop-ups

A Sarasota, NY man, Perry Pouche, who recently upgraded to the latest smartphone technology, says that he really loves it when browsing a mobile website and multiple pop-ups flood his screen.

“I thought I was linking to an interesting article on how to change a faucet, but, now that I see all these pop-ups, I realize this website has so much more to offer,” the man said. “I now want to stay on the site and browse for hours.”

“One pop-up asked me to subscribe, so I immediately did that because I totally want my inbox to be inundated with all this stuff too.”

The designers at the marketing firm that built the site says that it’s proud of the user interface.

“In the old Web, you would just go to a site and all you’d get was the information you were looking for,” Chief Design Officer, Sam Greesley said. “Now, you get offers for related products, can’t miss updates, and other information that you didn’t know you needed.”

Another designer, Sasha Infante says that her latest addition could be a game-changer. “We’re really excited about the new cookies policy pop-up,” she said. “We’re absolutely sure that all of our visitors will take time to read the 4,507-word policy before clicking the ‘I have read the cookies policy’ button. From a user experience perspective, you feel like you’re in the driver seat.”

Mr. Pouche noted that the pop-up sites are still a close second to the gallery sites that make you click through 25 pages to get a list of something. “The slow loading time, the chance that you might accidentally click on an advertiser, and the anticipation all really make me want to visit the site as much as I can.”

Mr. Pouche also said he enjoys piercing his eyeballs with rusty nails.



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