Social justice warrior: ‘Honor MLK by judging others by skin color not the content of their character’

A modern civil rights group called Social Justice Now held a rally on the National Mall today in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

“Doctor Martin Luther King was a great man and leader for the rights of black people.” SJN’s president Mikhala Simpson said at the rally. “And to make sure that his work is not squandered and that his legacy is honored, we must start to treat people based on the color of their skin and not on the content of their character.”

Simpson went on to call for affirmative action in all aspects of life, for white people to pay reparations for slavery, and for segregation of whites from society.

Many in the crowd agreed with the sentiment.

Brit Holder said after the speech, “I mean, I’m white so I shouldn’t probably even talk about the subject, but Miss Simpson is right on. White people should be excluded from society.”

“The great leaders who fought segregation need to be remembered,” Simpson said, “by segregating people based on their race.”

“If you’re a f*cking white male, then you don’t have the right to speak,” Tony Shackleford, who was in the audience, said. “Only white people can be racist so the only way we can truly have a society free of racism is to eliminate white people from the planet.”


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