STUDY: Most quarantined people pretty much okay never interacting with all the annoying people out there

Happy young woman relaxing at home

Who can forget the scenes of thousands of Chinese citizens going about their business wearing surgical masks? Some round, some with respirators, some rectangular, and some just covering their face with a scarf. Surreal.

We can see these people running around China avoiding all human contact as they try to engage in business as usual. Unfortunately, it is anything but. Everyone is basically running past each other petrified of breathing their air, being coughed on or sneezed upon. And who can blame them? Coronavirus really is life or death.

GT was curious as to how this was affecting them over there and sent our China correspondent, Ho Lee Crap, to get the skinny. And what she found was surprising. The Millennials? No problemo. They haven’t interacted with other humans for decades. Thanks, Snapchat.

The over-50 crowd, however, gave Ho Lee Crap an earful. Once they donned their masks and stopped talking to people, they realized how much happier their lives became. And it didn’t take long.

They realized that most people are incredibly annoying. So we were not surprised at all to find most people in China plan to wear their surgical masks forever and avoid people like the plague (which it is). Some wanted to go a bit further and ban Barbara Streisand’s song “People who need people……….”

We think this is a watershed moment for humanity and would love to see the same thing here, only without the virus. We suspect some readers would agree.


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