This is a hole left by an AR-15. Tell me why you need that.

Multicultural scientists have produced the first-ever picture of the largest hole to be created by an AR-15 and it’s horrifying. It’s bigger than our solar system and it’s sucking everything around it into itself.

Tell me again why you need that kind of firepower? Why does anyone need that kind of firepower?

This latest scientific discovery (by a very smart woman mind you) shows that AR-15s should be outlawed immediately. Only members of the state should have them.

It can be done!

Venezuela passed a gun ban just 10 years ago and look at all the great things that have happened since! Venezuela is on its way to becoming a completely carbon-neutral country with its consistent blackouts.

Now the people can breathe freely and this is a direct result of the gun ban.

No one needs an AR-15 and science shows that gun prohibitions work. Did you see any mass shootings in the USSR or gun-free Maoist China? I don’t think so!

It’s time to ban this horrific weapon of war before we turn our solar system into another black hole.


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