Virginia replaces armed warrior on state flag with gender-fluid submissive

The new Democratic Virginia legislature isn’t wasting any time progressing the state forward. After threatening to send the National Guard in to enforce strict gun laws, they’re changing their state flag.

The old patriarchal flag had an armed white man standing over a dead tyrant, whom the white man supposedly killed.

Under the gruesome scene are the words “Sic semper tyrannis” which means “thus always to tyrants” implying that Virginians will kill tyrants.

The new flag features a gender fluid person bending over after laying down zirs AR-15. The new motto reads, “Liceat mihi magnam puer,” or, “Violate me big boy” in English.

Governor Ralph Northam said, “This new flag represents a new Virginia, one that has gotten past its patriarchal delusions of grandeur about stopping tyrant. No we are all about total submission to the government now!”

At the time of publication, many of the rural counties had changed their official motto to, “molon labe,” or “come get it.”


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