Warren wears her ancestral headdress while vowing to criminalize election ‘disinformation’

Wearing a Native American headdress, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren promised Wednesday not to spread fake news online in a tweet publicizing her plan to companies responsible for spreading misinformation.

“How dare those people put down false information in order to advance somehow at the expense of others? How dare they?” Warren said at the press conference.

Warren said in a plan on her website that she will push for “new laws that impose tough civil and criminal penalties” on companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, among others, but that politicians will continue to enjoy impunity for lying their asses off.

“We cannot let Russia interfere with our elections by telling people what we politicians should be telling people ourselves. They create division and confusion. Only politicians should be allowed to do that!” Warren said.

Warren has been criticized for claiming that she is of Native American heritage while DNA test reveal only a 1/1024th amount.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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