6 Troubling White Nationalist Symbols Hidden Within The New Space Force Logo

Hate Symbol

The Anti-Defamation League is sounding the alarm over secret Nazi imagery they have discovered hidden within President Trump’s new Space Force logo, presumably to signal his racist base and recruit Nazi astronauts to orchestrate the white takeover of the galaxy.

Here are six pieces of disturbing imagery ADL investigators have uncovered:

1. The insignia is shaped like a circle, which is a common shape used in Nazi imagery.

Circles = Hate

2. Roman Numeral MMXIX

Nazis were big fans of roman numerals. The ADL has discovered that MMXIX is the roman numeral for 2019, which is the 100 year anniversary of Hitler’s rise to power as part of the German Workers Party.

Also, the roman numeral “M” forms the letter “W” when turned upside down. “W” is the first letter in the phrase “white power.”

3. The White Arrow

The central focus of the logo is a stark white arrow pointing upward, obviously meant to denote the idea that the white race is superior to all others. Additionally, the white arrow looks suspiciously like a white Klan hood.

Look closely:

It’s unmistakable.

4. White, four-pointed stars

There are 22 four-point stars on the logo. 22×4=88, which is the Nazi numerical code for Heil Hitler. Also, the stars are white.

5. The globe

At first glance, the globe appears to be a standard orb with latitude and longitude lines. But when you look closer, you can see it’s actually covered in swastikas.

There is also significance in the white star orbiting the globe, which could be taken to mean that “white supremacy makes the world go round.”

6. There is a literal portrait of Hitler on the logo

When you look closely, you can see a picture of Hitler’s face in the background:

Do you see it?

Ok, look even more closely:

…God help us all.


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