When asked to state his name, Mueller replied, ‘What page is that on?’

In a dramatic exchange during the testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the obstruction of justice charges of President Trump, the recorder asked Mr. Mueller to state his name and Mueller replied, “What page is that on?”

“This obviously shows that Trump is 100% guilty and should be hanged,” a liberal Democrat observer said in response.

The heated exchange escalated when the recorder said that Mueller shouldn’t have to look at the document to tell the hearing his name.

“That wasn’t in my purview,” Mueller responded.

“He’s basically stonewalling the committee,” political analyst Jerry Jabba said. “It’s an obvious political tactic to save himself from incriminating himself.”

This came shortly before Mueller indicted himself for obstruction in the obstruction of justice hearing of President Trump.

The Mueller report cost taxpayers millions of dollars and has given readers a clear chance for confirmation bias. Everyone now believes exactly what they believed before the report.


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