Democrats sue Iran over right to use ‘Death to America’ as 2020 campaign slogan

The Democratic National Committee has sued the sovereign country of Iran over the right to use “Death to America” as their 2020 Presidential campaign slogan.

The lawsuit, which includes the right to use “America is the great Satan (even though we don’t believe in God)” as well, will be the first lawsuit to capitulate at the outset and just give the world’s #1 state sponsor of terror a flat fee of $4 billion in cash.

“We believe that we have the right to use this slogan in our materials as we Democrats have been trying to kill America much longer than Iran has,” DNC Chair Franz Finklebottom said.

The lawsuit was presented shortly after many prominent Democrats criticized President Trump for not bombing the hell out of the country after the Iran military allegedly downed a drone.

“We think that this slogan will play well across the country but especially in middle America and Portland,” Finklebottom added.

The Democratic primary race is heating up with a large pile of crap leading the polls.


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