With Hispanic voters fleeing the Democratic Party, Kamala Harris floats idea for a border wall

US–With Hispanic voters fleeing the Democratic Party, Vice President* Kamala Harris has floated the idea of a massive border wall to prevent more Hispanics entering the country.

The idea follows the election of Mayra Flores, a Mexican-born Republican woman from the Rio Grande Valley who won a special election in June in a longtime Democratic region.

“We need to do something to stop these future-Republican immigrants from entering the country, illegal or otherwise,” Harris said in an exclusive interview with Genesius Times.

Hispanic voters have increasingly turned to the Republican Party after Democrats have seemingly gone insane.

“We’ve been Democrats ever since we got here,” Jose Cuervo of Texas said. “But they have turned into insane degenerates and we don’t support insane degenerates. And no one says Latinx. That’s stupid.”

President* Joe Biden has started a mariachi band to try to lure Latinx voters.


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