Trans woman sues gynecologist for discrimination

Well here is a first and proof of societal progress. Milli, formerly known as Mik, scheduled an appointment at her local gynecologist for a full women’s health screening.

The appointment was accepted by Dr. More, and everything went as scheduled. That is until Milli went back into the exam room, and Dr. More let his bigotry show.

It seems the good doctor noticed an Adam’s Apple on Milli and asked if she was even a woman. Milli told him that she had been for at least five years. That was not enough for Dr. Bigot however, because he then devastated Milli by insisting that she cannot be screened for women’s health issues when she does not have woman parts.

Milli cried all the way home. She was victimized by the cruel and callous doctor, but she didn’t stay down long. No, she got the yellow pages, found the best personal injury attorney she could find and now it will be settled in court.

Paging Doctor Bigot: Your days are numbered.