3000-year-old Chinese statue destroyed after it was caught throwing white nationalist hand symbol

A 3000-year-old Chinese statue of the Buddha was taken down and destroyed after it was caught throwing a white nationalist hand gesture.

“We will not tolerate any hint of white supremacy or white nationalism,” said Vera Verona of the Boston Museum of Art, which housed the racist relic until they annihilated it Friday with a small nuclear detonation. “White nationalism is evil and must be rooted out, even if it’s in the form of a Buddhist gesture before whites existed.”

White nationalism has seen a spike in recent months following the clearly racist hand gestures that the unabashedly racist Donald Trump makes constantly.

Fake hate crimes, including the Jussie Smollett victim clinic, have skyrocketed since President Trump has started making the symbol.

Experts believe that it is a signal to his white nationalist followers to commit their crimes against humanity on cue.

“Taking down and destroying these clearly racist statues is only the first step,” Verona said. “Next we must cut of the fingers of anyone who makes symbols like this as it causes violence to our existence.”


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