OPED: People who don’t own guns don’t get an opinion about gun legislation

I’ve recently heard much about the horrible Alabama ban on abortion and the subsequent imprisonment of a third of all women in Alabama into sex slave camps.

The most compelling argument I’ve heard is that if you don’t have a uterus, then you don’t get an opinion about abortion legislation. It’s such a brilliant line of reasoning, I think it should be applied universally.

So, if you don’t own guns, then you don’t get an opinion about gun legislation. It’s pretty simple. Only people with guns know what they can do and whether or not they can kill innocent people so only people with an arsenal of firepower can talk about guns. Period.

And to extend this logic, only democidal despots can have an opinion about genocide. If you’re an American in a posh Upper West Side apartment, you don’t get an opinion about people killing off an entire population.

You see how logical that is? It’s genius.

Only women get an opinion about abortion.

Of course, this rule doesn’t apply to the nine justices on the Supreme Court that legalized abortion throughout the United States. They can certainly have an opinion.

In fact, it’s okay to have an opinion about abortion if you don’t have a uterus as long as you agree with me that abortion should be free and available at every Starbucks.

It’s 2019. We should feel free to kill babies en masse.


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