Amid shortage, US infants identifying as illegal immigrants to get baby formula from Biden

Springfield—American infants from San Diego to Sheboygan are identifying as illegal immigrants in order to get hard-to-come-by baby formula shipped directly to them from the Biden administration.

Recent reports from the Southern Border have revealed that the Biden admin has been sending pallets of baby formula to illegal immigrants at the border amid of a severe shortage in the rest the country.

American infants are fighting back by switching their identity to “illegal immigrant”.

Billy Jones, a starving newborn in Poughkeepsie, New York said that he feels offended that Democratic legislators don’t acknowledge his right to eat. “The formula can be horchata flavor, I don’t mind!” lil Billy said.

Once identifying as illegals, the infants received free formula on their doorstep within hours.

“Call me Juan,” Billy continued. “I’m Juan in a million!”

“It’s good to know some people still have value in the Biden economy,” Billy added.


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