AOC ensures migrants receive fresh water and nutritious bat soup upon entering US

Disgusted by the conditions of undocumented migrants entering the country, US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is working to ensure travelers receive fresh water and Wuhan bat soup on their dangerous journey into the heart of America.

The Asian delight can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and is good for all genders, self-identifying genders and species. “For years, bats have rarely been used as a food source by societies, while they just sit in caves waiting to be picked just like fruit”, said Wang Mengyun, the TV show star who posted video of her eating Bat Soup in Palau 3 years ago.

Different groups have different reasons for supporting the new government public private partnership venture.  “We hope that people enjoy the taste of this updated version of government cheese so much, that we won’t have to take away those AR-15s from those deplorables in places like Virginia” said former Monsanto PR director Shannon Watts & “grassroots” founder of Bankrolled Moms Demand Action, an anti-gun group.

Other supporters of the Wushu Bat Soup food line include anarchist free trade groups like The Cato Institute. “We don’t care about the tons of cocaine, fentanyl, and crime being delivered by the open border with the Narco State of Mexico, why should we care about a little coronavirus for cheap food products”, remarked CATO free trade expert Idtra Dewithnatzees. Pretend non partisan CNN commentator Don Lemon and RINO strategists Rick Wilson have been signed up as celebrity endorsements.

As a bonus for the globalization of the USA agenda, many of the bat soup factories will be built in refugee resettlement locations such as Washington County, Arkansas. A case of coronavirus has already been found there, but a new special election taxpayer funded water-park project should offset any lost tourist dollars.

As mentioned in the ad, Wuhan Bat Soup, will have 20% extra atrazine and 10% more fluoride.


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